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Title: 影響員工創新行為因素之跨層次研究
A Multilevel Investigation of Factors Influencing Employee Innovative Work Behaviour
Authors: 賴志樫
Chih-Chien Lai
Tsan-Ying Lin
Zheng-Yi Liu
Keywords: 創新工作行為
innovative work behaviour
accessed social capital
work motivation
organisational climate for innovation
hierarchical linear modeling
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 有別以往的創新研究較偏重創新行為個體化現象,本研究發展了一個員工創新行為跨層次模型,結合個體層次之取得的社會資本、內在動機與外在動機,以及總體層次之組織創新氣候的影響。蒐集來自許多不同產業之36間公司共922位台灣成年工作者之資料分析結果指出,個體與總體層次因素皆與員工創新工作為正相關,以及,平均而言,當員工知覺到高度的創新支持氣候時,員工外在動機傾向與創新工作行為間之關係將可能更強。本研究可能有助於更好地來理解有關如何激勵和支持員工從事創新相關活動在他們的工作中。本研究對研究結果進行了理論與管理意涵的討論。
Departing from the emphasis on individualized phenomenon of creative behaviour in prior innovation research, this study developed a multilevel model of employee innovative work behaviour that incorporates employee-level influences of accessed social capital, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and firm-level influences of organisational climate for innovation. The analyses of the multilevel data collected from 922 Taiwanese working adults in 36 business firms across various industries indicated that both employee- and firm-level factors are associated positively with innovative work behaviour, and that, on average, the relationship between employees’ extrinsic motivational orientations and innovative work behaviours is more likely to be stronger when they perceive high supportive climates for innovation. This study may lead to a better understanding as regards how to motivate and support employees engaged in innovation-related activities in their jobs. Theoretical and managerial implications were discussed.
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