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Title: 職業認同、職業滿意與情緒勞務之關係研究
The Relationships Among Career Identity, Career Satisfaction, and Emotional Labor
Authors: 林怡君
Lin, Yi-Chun
Hsiao, Yu-Ya
Keywords: 職業認同
Career Identity
Career Satisfaction
Emotional Labor
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 在社會動盪的時候,警察是維持社會秩序的重要角色,而他們的工作必須承受極高的危險性和壓力。本量化研究探討職業認同及職業滿意度間的正向關係並以情緒療物為調節變數。本研究使用紙本問卷,並有395為台灣警察參與此研究。研究結果顯示職業認同與職業滿意間為正向關係,而情緒勞務則負向調節此正向關係。最後,此研究結果提供建議予政府、從事人力資源方面之工作者及民眾,希望藉此研究提升目前警察的工作環境。
Police officer is an important role to keep order in the society, especially in the turbulent situation. Their job has been considered with high pressure and high danger. This study examined the positive relationship between career identity and career satisfaction with the moderating effect of emotional labor. A quantitative approach was used in this study. 395 valid samples were surveyed by paper-based questionnaires from police officers in Taiwan. The result of the study indicated that career identity was positively related to career satisfaction and the emotional labor negatively moderates moderated the relationship. This study provided implications and suggestions for the government, HR practitioners and citizens to improve the current working environment for police officers.
Other Identifiers: G060286008I
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