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Title: 非營利組織的志工動機對情感承諾關係之研究:以組織公正為調節變項
Motivations and Affective Commitment of Volunteers in a Non-Profit Organization: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Justice
Authors: 葉俶禎
Yeh, Rosa Chu-Chen
Chin, Ling-Li
Keywords: 志工
Affective Commitment
Perceived Organizational Justice
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 無中文摘要
Prior studies of organizational justice focused on employees in the for-profit sector, while little work has contributed to volunteers in the non-profit organizations. This study examined how motivations and justice perceptions affect volunteer’s psychological attachment to their voluntary organization. Samples were drawn from volunteers serving in an international humanitarian and non-governmental organization. A survey questionnaire was developed to collect data on the demographics and the study variables of organizational justices, volunteer motivations and affective commitment. A total of 432 valid questionnaires were received and analyzed. Hierarchical regression was adopted to test hypotheses, which found support for the relationship between intrinsic motivation and affective commitment, and partial support for the relationship between certain types of extrinsic motivations (self-esteem and understanding) and affective commitment. In addition, some forms of perceived organizational justices (distributive, procedural, and interactional justice) have a significant but partial moderating effect on the relationship between types of motivation (intrinsic, self-esteem, and understanding) and affective commitment. Implications for the relationship between perceived organizational justices, types of motivation, and affective commitment were discussed. Keywords: Volunteer, Affective Commitment, Motivations, Perceived Organizational Justice
Other Identifiers: G060286001I
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