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Titel: A Study on the Roles and Competencies of Human Resource Professionals The Consequence of Human Resource Outsourcing
Autoren: 蔡錫濤
Kris Pan
Stichwörter: HR Outsourcing
Roles of HR
Competencies of HR
Human Resource
Erscheinungsdatum: 2005
Zusammenfassung: Many companies in Taiwan, both multinational and local, outsource their HR activities to different levels according to different needs, such as saving cost or receiving professional aid. While the employers are planning greater emphasis on business acumen and outsourcing many administrative functions, HR professionals are forced to demonstrate new skills and competencies, and compete for new, sometimes unfamiliar roles. The main purpose of this study is to explore the issues of HR outsourcing, including the functions being outsourced, reason for outsourcing, roles and competencies of human resource professionals under the impact of HR outsourcing. When an organization makes a decision on whether or not, or what parts of HR, to outsource, it must consider what benefits or values outsourcing can offer. Outsourcing decisions should be based on an evaluation of needs and capabilities of the specific company, as well as the availability of outside resources. The decision to outsource all or a portion of HR function is another significant choice to make. Subsequently, like all other strategies, implementation is just as critical as making the decision. As HR functions are being outsourced, their roles are becoming even more strategic. As many fear that the future of HR professionals is becoming increasingly ambiguous, largely due to downsizing and outsourcing, it is essential to redefine the values of HR professionals by fully understand the new roles and competencies that may result as a consequence of HR outsourcing.
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