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Title: 台籍女性外派大陸人員之跨文化調適研究
A Study on Cross-cultural Adjustments of Taiwanese Female Expatriates in China
Authors: 蔡錫濤
Ted Shir-Tau Tsai
Chun-Chi Hsu
Keywords: 女性外派人員
Female expatriate
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究欲探討台籍女性外派人員在大陸面對跨文化差異時,是否造成其在工作上、生活上、文化上的調適困難,更進一步探討其調適的策略。本研究為一質性研究,選擇多重個案方法進行深度訪談。本研究發現台籍女性外派人員在面對生活與文化的不適應時,傾向以消極的態度和方法面對,然而對於工作上的不適應則以積極態度處之。台籍女性外派人員所面對的跨文化調適困難及調適策略亦於本研究中呈現,藉以提供現在與未來赴大陸的派外人員面對跨文化調適時的策略參考。最後,本研究發現研究中的女性外派人員並未明顯符合U型調適理論所提各階段的現象特徵。
This study explored cross-cultural adjustment issues of Taiwanese female expatriates in China. The purpose is to find out their cross-cultural adjustment problems and strategies in life, work, and culture related aspects. It adopted multiple cases and proceeded in-depth interviews in this qualitative research. The research finds that Taiwanese female expatriates tended to adopted passive attitudes toward problems and difficulties in life and culture. On the other hand, they used an active stance to confront their work. Major adjustment strategies also presented in this study to provide a reference for female expatriates in China. Besides, this study also finds out a low degree of fitness toward U-curve theory in female expatriates’ adjustment process.
Other Identifiers: G0069274010
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