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Title: 數學寫作活動對八年級中程度學生解題的影響之個案研究-以一元二次方程式應用問題單元為例
Other Titles: Effects of mathematic writing on problem-solving process of themiddle-level 8th graders.
Authors: 黃麗紅
Li-Hung Huang, Meichun Lydia Wen, Hao-Yao Shih
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 台灣數學教育學會、國立臺灣師範大學數學系共同發行
Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwan Association for Mathematics Education
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中八年級中程度的學生在經過一個月的數學寫作教學活動之後,對其解一元二次方程式應用問題中解題能力與解題策略的影響。透過研究者自編之一元二次方程式應用問題測驗,於數學寫作教學活動前後實施。使用放聲思考法與事後晤談方式蒐集四位研究對象於一元二次方程式應用問題前後測的資料,並採用專家信度進行原案分析,以了解學生解題改變的情形。研究結果發現,數學寫作活動有助於提昇學生數學解題能力並改善學生的解題策略。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of mathematic writing onproblem-solving process of 8th graders after implementing a month ofwriting-to-learn activities. This study utilized case-study research methods involving4 students of middle level achievement. Student’s word problem test of quadraticequation was implemented at the beginning and the end of writing-to-learn activities.Qualitative data included four student’s pre-post problem-solving process documentsby thinking-aloud procedure and interviews with four students. Findings from thestudy indicated that mathematic writing activities had a positive impact onmiddle-level students’ problem-solving abilities and was helpful to improve theirproblem-solving strategy
Other Identifiers: 457921A6-D7AA-1DA3-5553-968ECF9BBECD
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