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Titel: 明清時期的杭州徽商—以黟縣宏村遷杭汪氏為例
Sonstige Titel: The Ming and Qing dynasties’ Huizhou merchants in Hangzhou-for example in Yixian county Hong village Wang clan
Autoren: 張育滋
Chang Yu Tzu
Erscheinungsdatum: Jun-2010
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Zusammenfassung: 作為地域性商人群體之一的徽商,在明清的商業界佔有舉足輕重的地位。自明代中葉起,江南地區商品經濟的繁榮發展,吸引著越來越多的徽商前往江南各城鎮經商發展,而名列全國的重要都會之一的杭州,也成為徽商聚集的經商據點。宏村汪氏的汪元台家族,最初便因經營鹽業之需而遷居杭州,其後汪氏一族經由子孫的努力,由原先的客居轉而入籍杭州,於康熙朝起更利用家族業鹽所得,轉而投資經營杭州的典當業,因此名列杭州四大富室之一。此外,遷杭汪氏對於族中子弟的教育更是不遺餘力,除了重視儒家教育之外,也積極培養族中子弟的文化素養和休閒愛好。對於鄉里間的公益事業,更是竭盡所能,好善樂施,與鄰里建立和睦的關係。本文即以黟縣宏村汪氏為例,探討此汪氏家族的遷徙歷程及其在杭州經營的商業內容和舉業文化生活。
As one of the regional merchant communities, huizhou merchants play a vital role in Ming and Qing Dynasties' commercial world. Since the middle of the Ming dynasty,the prosperity of the jiangnan area and relations of a developed commodity economy,attracted more and more huizhou merchants leave for jiangnan towns doing their business. Hangzhou one of among the important national city, also be gathered into their business areas. The Wang Yuan Tai family had lived in Hong village, afterwards they move to Hangzhou in order to manage the salt industry in Hangzhou. By way of descendants' endeavor, their identity from the guest become naturalization of Hangzhou. In addition, they use the big profits from the family salt industry transfer to Hangzhou’s pawnbroking in the Kangxi dynasty. So, the Wang Yuan Tai family ranked one of the four-rich families in Hangzhou. In addition, the Wang clan in Hangzhou have an eye to the education of their children's education.They not only emphasis on Confucian education, but also actively cultivate their children's cultural literacy and leisure hobbies. For the public welfare activities between neighborhood, they try to do as possible as they can. Because of they love to do philanthropic work, they also establish harmonious relationship with the neighborhood. This article for example in Yixian county Hong village Wang clan, discusses this Wang family the migration course and the commercial content which manages in Hangzhou and their cultural life.
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