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Title: 北宋緝捕者與逃亡者的法律問題─以《天聖‧捕亡令》為中心
Other Titles: The Legal Matter of Arrester and Escapee of North Song Dynasty: Using “Arrest and Flight Statutes, Tiansheng Statutes” as the Center
Authors: 楊曉宜
Yang, Hsiao-i
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 北宋天聖七年(1029),宰相呂夷簡等奉召制定宋代第一部令典—《天聖令》。宋代承襲唐代律令,保留了先前大部分的「捕亡律」和「捕亡令」,以規範緝捕者與逃亡者之間的法律關係。本文主要以《天聖令》為中心,並配合《宋刑統》等法律典籍,分析宋代的捕亡制度,其中所涉及的對象為緝捕者與逃亡罪犯之間的法律問題。此外,就法律實際運作而言,運用不同的法律文獻個案,以探討在逮捕過程中,緝捕者與罪犯之間可能面臨的狀況,以及分析地方官吏處理相關實務的課題,對於宋代國家安全與社會秩序的維持,實屬重要的歷史意義。藉由法制史的角度分析地方追捕罪犯的制度,並透過相關的史料分析與個案研究可知,宋代政府在法律的制定上,亦隨時代、社會、經濟、政治等多重因素而產生出不同的面貌,更看出宋代法制的特色與落實層面。
In 1029, Liu Yi-Jian, the prime minister, was called to legislate for Tiansheng Statutes, the first administrative law of North Song Dynasty. The Song judicial system was inherited from the Tang Dynasty and remained most of the parts of “Arrest and Flight Code” and “Arrest and Flight Statutes” in order to regulate the legal relationship between arrester and escapee. This article focuses on the Tiansheng Statutes and coordinates the criminal law, The Criminal Law of Song Dynasty (the Song Xingtong), to analyze the system of arrest and flight. The legal matters between arrester and escapee are involved in the analysis. In addition, as for the practical operation of law, different document of legal cases are applied to investigate the situation between arrester and escapee during arrest and to analyze the issue of how local officials deal with practical cases. To the maintenance of national security and social order of Song Dynasty, these issues are historically meaningful. Analyzing the system of local officials capturing criminals from the viewpoint of legal history, assaying related historical materials, and researching cases can indicate that the way Song government formulates laws is diversified for the various elements of era, society, economics, and politics. It also demonstrates Song Dynasty’s characteristics of law-legislation and different levels of implement.
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