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Title: 嚴肅遊戲之角色扮演與情境模擬對於學習成效之影響:以國小五年級碳足跡課程為例
Other Titles: Effects of Educational Role-Playing and Simulation Games: Designing Interactive Carbon Footprint Curriculum for Primary School Students
Authors: 陳明秀
Ming-Hsiu Mia Chen
Shih-Ting Tsai
Chi-Cheng Chang
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究目的在探究多媒體遊戲教材教學方案對於國小五年級學童之學習成效。本研究以「碳足跡」為主題開發設計數位多媒體遊戲教材,實驗組學童接受多媒體遊戲教材教學,對照組學童則接受紙本教科書教學,受測人數為兩班普通班級,共計60位學童。研究結果顯示:實驗組學童經遊戲教材介入課程後,整體學習成效以及在各項受測學童群組分類(高、低分組與是否經常使用3C產品之分類組別)的數據都優於對照組,且實驗組經遊戲教材介入課程後之得分成長幅度的增加皆達到顯著水準。另一方面,透過文字轉化為圖像的多媒體遊戲教材,實驗組在後測考卷的問答題部分,應答架構與思路較使用文教材的對照組為佳;而學童經由情境模擬與角色扮演的方式完成遊戲關卡、學習碳足跡知識,此學習方式不但能讓學童將遊戲內容對應至本身的日常生活,也能在遊戲過程中檢視自己的學習程度,得到立即的回饋與成就感;根據實驗結果顯示,本研究開發之多媒體遊戲教材教學有助於國小五年級學童之碳足跡知識的學習。
The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of educational role-playing and simulation games in the specific context of carbon footprint curriculum designed for primary school students. A total of 60 primary school students were classified into two groups. The participants in the experimental group (30 students) were taught using a multimedia game and the participants in the control group (30 students) were taught using a textbook. The results showed that the experimental group demonstrated a greater improvement in general carbon footprint knowledge and in each separate learning unit (Grads level and using 3C product) than the control group did. Additionally, according to the experimental process and results, the students in the experimental group displayed more favorable thinking structures and learning attitudes toward carbon footprint topics than the control group did. All results indicated that game-based learning involving role-playing and simulation was a helpful component of carbon footprint curriculum.
Other Identifiers: EBD763E9-409A-614B-914C-09ED977C98B2
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