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Title: 學生擬題教學對情意學習成效及學業成就影響之後設分析
Other Titles: Effects of the Problem Posing Strategies of Students on Affective Learning Outcomes and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: 廖遠光
Yuen-Kuang Liao
Cheng-Ching Chang
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究應用後設分析法探討學生擬題教學對於提升情意及學業成就之效果,並試圖探討可能影響教學成效的變數。以擬題、出題、problem posing、problem generation、problem writing、problem formulation 為關鍵詞,至「臺灣博碩士論文」、「CETD 中文碩博士論文」、「臺灣期刊論文索引」及「CEPS中文電子期刊」等資料庫檢索相關文獻,共蒐集擬題教學成效之實驗研究31 篇,可提供情意學習17 筆及學業成就34 筆之效果量,計有2,421 個樣本納入分析。研究結果顯示,學生擬題教學對於情意及學業成就具有正向效應,整體效果量分別為0.34 及0.57。意即對於情意及學業成就的提升,皆優於傳統講述式教學法,且對於學業成就的提升效果更佳。情意學習會受到「學科領域」、「教學者偏誤」、「擬題次數」及「網路擬題」等變數之調節作用而呈現差異;學業成就的調節變數則有「學習階段」、「學科領域」、「教學者偏誤」、「課程時數」及「分組學習」等。
A meta-analysis was performed to synthesize existing research that investigated the effects of problem-posing strategies on the affective learning outcomes and academic achievement of students in Taiwan. We adopted problem posing, problem generation, problem writing, and problem formulation as keywords and gathered 31 studies (comprising 17 comparisons for the affective domain and 34 comparisons for academic achievement), converting their quantitative data to effect size (ES). The results demonstrated that problem posing strategies provided considerable benefits than traditional instruction did on students’ affective learning outcomes (ES = 0.34) and academic achievement (ES = 0.57), and the larger positive effect sizes showed the benefit is greater on academic achievement. In addition, four moderator variables were selected for investigating affective learning outcomes and five moderator variables were selected for investigating academic achievement (including subject area, instructor bias, total number of courses, and cooperative learning), all of which had statistically significant impacts on the mean ES. Finally, the noteworthy suggestions and limitations of this study were discussed.
Other Identifiers: E0161548-E3F7-06AB-4CBE-5705BA2C117C
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