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Title: 僑生與本地生的目標設定、全心學習、意志力及巔峰幸福之模型建構和其差異比較
Other Titles: Comparative Study on Goal Setting, MindfulLearning, Volition, and Flourishing AmongOverseas Chinese Students and LocalStudents: Comparison of Structural Models
Authors: 陳柏霖
Po-Lin Chen, Min-Ning Yu, Chao-Hsiang Hung
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在比較僑生與本地生的目標設定、全心學習、意志力及巔峰幸福之模型建構和其差異情況。研究對象共計826 位大學生,其中有559 位為僑生,本地生則為267 位。在資料分析上,採用描述統計、t 考驗、多變量變異數分析及結構方程式模型。研究結果顯示:一、僑生與本地生的全心學習在目標設定對巔峰幸福的路徑關係上,扮演中介角色,而意志力並未對巔峰幸福的路徑達到顯著關係;二、本地生的意志力在目標設定對巔峰幸福扮演中介角色,僑生的意志力則未扮演中介角色;三、本地生及馬來西亞籍僑生在「目標接受」、「意識注意控制」、「內隱注意控制」、「正向情緒」與「勝任要求」上,均顯著高於港澳籍僑生。最後,本研究依據研究結果,針對高等教育及未來研究提出建議。
In the multicultural context, this study explored relationships and compared differences amonggoal setting, mindful learning, volition, and flourishing of overseas Chinese students and localstudents. In total, 826 college students were recruited from Taiwan’s universities and colleges,including 559 overseas Chinese students and 267 local students. Data were collected and analyzedusing description statistics, t test, multivariate analysis of variance, and structural equation modeling.The results demonstrated that: (1) The mediator effects of local and overseas Chinese students’mindful learning and volition on the route from goal setting to flourishing exhibited no significanteffects by volition on flourishing. (2) For local students, volition played a full mediator role betweengoal setting and flourishing, but for overseas Chinese students, volition did not play a mediator role.(3) The scores of local students and Malaysian overseas Chinese students for goal acceptance,conscious attention control, implicit attention control, self-determination, positive emotions, andcompetent requirements were significantly higher than those of Hong Kongese and Macaneseoverseas Chinese students. Finally, based on the results and findings, several implications andconcrete suggestions for higher education and future research were proposed.
Other Identifiers: D1A61D58-1E58-D287-0D18-B2B9AF308D17
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