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Title: 藝術治療團體運用於失智長者之效果研究
Other Titles: Effect of Group Art Therapy on Older Individuals With Dementia
Authors: 黃傳永
Chuan-Yung Huang, Shu-Hui Kuo
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討藝術治療團體運用於失智長者之效果,採取質性研究的發現取向進行分析,透過團體後個別訪談蒐集資料。結果顯示:在失智長者參與藝術治療團體之實質幫助與影響有:期待參與團體、提升出門動機、引發長者好奇、增進其身體活動、增進與人互動、促進口語表達、學習正向自我肯定與鼓勵別人、提升專注力、生活有重心、增進正向豐富的情緒經驗、家屬感受放鬆、對長者有新的看見與情感連結。藝術治療介入方案對失智長者之成效因子則包括:促發長者創造力並提升成就感、運用多重感官、提升長者其感官知覺、創作賦能與維護長者自我價值感、投入創作進入心流、忘記病痛不適、提升長者活動量促進手眼協調。最後,依據研究結果進行討論,並因應未來高齡化社會,在失智人口不斷提升的情況下提供政府相關機構,以及未來研究之規劃與參考。
This study explored the effect of group art therapy on older individuals with dementia. A discovery-oriented qualitative study was used for data collection. Individual interviews wereconducted after the completion of group art therapy. Findings indicated that group art therapy provided practical help and influences, including anticipation of participating at the group, increased motivation to leave the house, aroused curiosity, enhanced body movement, enhanced interactions with others, strengthened verbal responses, boosted self-recognition and encouragement, improved concentration, a focus for life, strengthened positive emotional experiences, relaxation, and new thoughts about older individuals and the connections between them. The effects of group art therapy included improved creativity and sense of accomplishment, usage of different senses, enhanced sensations, creative empowerment, maintenance of self-fulfillment, dedication to art enabling participants to forget suffering and pain, improved activity, and improved hand-eye coordination. The findings of this study are discussed, and suggestions are provided for the government and related institutions to cope with an aging society and an increasing population of individuals with dementia.
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