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Titel: 國小五年級網路資源合理使用之教學設計行動研究
Sonstige Titel: Development of Instructions for Fair Use of Internet Resources for Fifth Graders: An Action Research
Autoren: 吳佩芬
Pei-Fen Wu
Chien Chou
Erscheinungsdatum: Dez-2016
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Zusammenfassung: 本研究之目的為探究國小高年級學童對於「網路資源合理使用」之認知情況,並以國小五年級學童為例,發展適合之課程單元與教學策略。首先,本研究編製網路資源合理使用之雙層次測驗,以瞭解國小高年級學童對於網路資源合理使用之迷思概念,採行動研究歷程模型為研究架構,並輔以系統化教學設計模式,以第一研究者為教師,實際進行兩個循環的教學活動及修正課程單元,最後藉由學童課後意見調查表、訪談、觀課教師與研究者自我反思來評鑑其教學成效。本研究結果可提供未來相關研究、教學設計之參考。
The current research investigated whether fifth-grade students of elementary schools possessed the cognition and a positive attitude toward “fair use of Internet resources” and developed instructional curriculum and strategies appropriate for the students. A two-tier test involving the fair use of Internet resources was conducted to examine whether the students knew how to reference online sources appropriately and if they had any misconceptions about proper citation and fair use. The first author performed two teaching trials as an action research practitioner, with the second trial being adjusted according to the students’ performance in the first trial. The outcome of the experiment was evaluated using feedback from the students, the peer teachers’ in-class observations, and the researchers’ self-reflection. The results of this study have practical implications for future use in generating relevant teaching curricula.
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