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Title: 當科學素養與閱讀素養相遇: 高中學生科學新聞閱讀策略之實驗研究
Other Titles: When Science Literacy and Reading Literacy Meet: Experimental Study of Science News Reading Strategy for High School Students
Authors: 鄭可萱
Ke-Hsuan Zheng, Sung-Tao Lee
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於以「科學新聞SPHERE提問模式」作為高中學生閱讀科學新聞的學習鷹架,藉由閱讀時的自我提問脈絡,在科學新聞文本中找到較為明確的架構與解讀的線索,並藉以判斷科學報導的目的、實驗設計、結果與證據間的邏輯性,以此提升高中學生對於科學新聞的判讀與理解。研究對象為臺灣中部某高中一年級兩班學生(實驗組32人,控制組38人);研究工具為自行發展之「科學新聞提問學習單」及「科學新聞理解測驗」,研究資料蒐集期間為四個月。共變數分析結果顯示,隨著實驗組學生對於自我提問模式的熟悉,三次測驗的素養表現出現成長趨勢;此外,分析結果也發現,本研究設計的「科學新聞SPHERE提問模式」閱讀策略可提升實驗組學生的素養表現,包括科學素養中的「科學地解釋現象」及「科學地解釋數據與證據」等能力,以及閱讀素養中的「擷取與檢索」、「統整與解釋」、「省思與評鑑」等能力,但對於實驗設計題的學習幫助則不如預期。
This study proposed a scaffold of a science news questioning model for high school students when they read science news. It is hoped a clear framework and clues for news reading can be facilitated by the self-questioning strategy to judge the purpose, experiment designing, and logical relations between results and evidence. Seventy students (experimental group: 32 and control group: 38) from a senior high school located in Central Taiwan participated in this study. A learning sheet of science news questioning and a comprehension test for science news were developed. The study duration was two months. The analysis of covariance results indicated that the students in the experimental group exhibited steady literacy performance improvement in three tests. Moreover, this self-questioning teaching model is helpful for their scientific literacy performances (i.e., for scientifically explaining the phenomenon and scientifically interpreting data and evidence collected) and reading literacy performances (i.e., accessing, retrieving, integrating, interpreting, reflecting on, and evaluating information). However, this model was not very helpful for designing scientific inquiries.
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