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Title: 科學想像力圖形測驗之發展
Other Titles: Development of the Scientific Imagination Test-Figural
Authors: 王佳琪
Chia-Chi Wang
Ying-Yao Cheng
Hsiao-Chi Ho
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在科學想像力歷程模式的基礎下,發展適用於國小五、六年級的科學想像力圖形測驗。研究對象包含預試樣本558 位學生,正式樣本698 位學生。本測驗共有A、B、C、D 四項作業,每項作業均包含科學想像力歷程中的漫想力、聯想力、奇想力等三個向度,用以測量學生之科學想像力。經以Rasch部分給分模式分析,三向度的量表具有良好的模式資料適配度。所有的作業在男、女學生並無明顯的差異試題功能,且漫想力、聯想力、奇想力之信度分別是 .88、 .88 以及 .87。最後,本研究針對「科學想像力圖形測驗」的發展與應用,提出未來研究之建議。
This study developed the Scientific Imagination Test-Figural (SIT-Figural) for 5th and 6th graders on the basis of the scientific imagination process. A total of 1,256 students who completed the SIT-Figural constituted Sample 1 (n = 558) and Sample 2 (n = 698). The SIT-Figural, which was designed to measure the students’ scientific imagination, comprised four tasks, A, B, C, and D–which covered three dimensions of the scientific imagination process, namely brainstorming, association, and transformation (or elaboration). The Rasch partial credit model was used to assess the model–data fit. A differential item functioning analysis was conducted to assess the consistency of the ratings provided by male and female students. The results revealed that the three dimensions of the SIT-Figural exhibited an acceptable model–data fit. The three subtests had person separate reliabilities of .88, .88, and .87. Finally, suggestions for future revisions and applications of the SIT-Figural have been proposed in this paper.
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