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Title: 中小學行動學習準備度探究與分析
Other Titles: Support-Object-Personnel Mobile-Learning Readiness Model for Primary and Secondary Schools
Authors: 游雅婷
Ya-Ting Yu
Yuan-Chen Liu
Tzu-Hua Huang
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 有效整合行動學習資源並在執行行動學習前完成充分準備,是學校創新並達到成功的第一步,然而,當前並無相關準備度評估工具能提供給學校參考。本研究目的在發展行動學習準備度以作為學校實施行動學習前的自我檢核評估工具,並依此分析中小學行動學習準備度現況。研究透過文獻檢閱、焦點團體座談、問卷調查等歷程,以探索性因素分析、單一樣本t檢定、弗里曼等級平均數與卡方檢定等統計方法進行分析,最後由正在進行行動學習的71 所中小學(11 所國中、60 所國小)填寫本研究編製的行動學習準備度線上問卷。研究對象有焦點團體座談4人、問卷調查198 人,以及代表學校填寫行動學習準備度問卷71 人,皆為執行過資訊融入教學的教育人員。研究結果顯示:一、行動學習準備度可分為S:「支持系統」、O:「物件設備」、P:「參與人員」三大面向,以及10 個指標、30 個子指標。二、中小學行動學習準備度填寫結果,在三大面向的成績尚屬平均,其中以「領導者能力」指標成績最高、「校務平台」指標成績最低。
Efficiently integrating mobile learning resources is an essential step in developing a successful innovative education system that can enhance perceptions and stimulate preparations for M-learning among school administrators and faculty members. Currently, tools for measuring M-learning readiness and instruments that can productively evaluate M-learning readiness are extremely limited. This study proposed the support-object-personnel (SOP) m-learning readiness model to assess the capacity for m-learning readiness in primary and secondary schools in Taiwan. Through a literature review and focus group interviews (N = 4), several standards were identified. Questionnaires (N = 198) were developed and then implemented to conduct a valid survey in 71 schools (11 secondary schools and 60 elementary schools). The data were collected online and computed in SPSS with exploratory factor analysis, a one-sample t test, Friedman’s nonparametrical variance analysis, and a chi-squared test. Most of the respondents were experienced scholars, principals, and faculty members who were familiar with emerging educational technologies. In conclusion, the results of this study consisted of 3 dimensions, 10 main indicators and 30 subindicators. Notably, leadership ability exhibited the highest score and school platform the lowest score among all criteria.
Other Identifiers: 6A6C7738-6B86-B4C4-3D16-253D6B055E07
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