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Title: 校務研究資料建置與決策支援應用
Other Titles: Database Establishment in Institutional Research and Decision-Making Support Applications
Authors: 彭耀平
Yao-Ping Peng
Feng-Chi Liu
Sheng-Hua Tuan
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 校務研究對於臺灣高等教育而言是個尚待開發的新興領域,故各大專校院所進行的校務研究活動與事物,皆是根據該校所擁有的資料進行分析、轉換及應用。在資料蒐集及建置上並無共通一致的標準與規定,各大專校院亦根據美國校務研究協會所提供之資料與資訊發展自身的校務研究(特色)。由於校務研究係針對高等教育機構內部資料的蒐集、分析與詮釋,包含學生、教師、行政人員、校內環境等等,由校務研究專業人員分析出有價值且可參考的資訊,提供機構高階管理者進行決策考量與校務發展的規劃。然而,資料分析應用是否能有效進行皆植基於資料的蒐集與整理,起始資料的完備程度與資料系統建置可視為是校務研究的第一步,其決定了後續的資料分析與分析資訊能否富含決策價值。因此,本研究參酌社會科學量化分析、圖書館學與資訊科學,檢視某(北部)私立大學校務研究資料庫之設計與建置模組,其結果可作為提供我國大專校院參考依循的實務模式。最後,本文旨在探討現行高等教育領域運用學校所蒐集之巨量教育資料的儲存與編整模式,以作為校務研究中心專業人員的分析基礎及實務參考模式,並利於學校進行決策支援管理。
Institutional research (IR) is expected to undergo development to conform to the needs of Taiwan’s higher education sector by enabling each university to execute IR based on its own data to conduct analysis, transfers, and applications. Thus, no common and consistent standards and regulations will govern data collection and storage. Each university develops its own IR strategy based on data and information provided by the U.S. Association of Institutional Research. IR focuses on internal data collection, analysis, and interpretation from higher education institutions. Objects of study include students, faculty members, support staff, and the school environment. Institutional researchers analyze information of value to facilitate senior leaders’ decision-making and institutional development. However, the effectiveness of data analysis applications is based on data collection and storage; therefore, the completeness of the initial data and data system construction is the first step in IR development to determine whether subsequent data analysis and interpretation are valuable for decision-making. Therefore, this study investigated the data-processing elements of libraries and information science and the design and models of IR databases at a private university in Taiwan. The study objective was to ascertain the method of massive educational information use and storage in the modern higher education sector and to determine the optimal mode of analyzing concepts and references for institutional research professionals. The outcomes of this study could contribute to university decision-making processes.
Other Identifiers: 0B157329-A166-8CE4-58F7-60DBE92C03FE
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