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dc.contributor.authorHsiao-Fen CHENen_US
dc.description.abstractUniversity rankings have been gaining international attention in recent years, and have become an important reference for higher education. Some fields, however, lack a reliable system of indicators due to disciplinary peculiarities. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) endeavored to establish ranking system with appropriate indicators that are representative of the attributes specific to teaching, research, performance and competition within the colleges of music, arts, and sports and recreation. This study, as part of the university's overall project, aimed to establish ranking indicators for the field of music. In order to form a basis for the proposed indicators, the author first examined the current international ranking systems, analyzed the characteristics of music departments with selected samples from the International Consortium for Universities of Education in East Asia and selected conservatories in Asia, and proposed a tentative list of key indicators for the ranking of music departments and schools. The proposed indicators were tested by a survey conducted in the Delphi technique with 11 experts outside of NTNU. Further, numerous internal meetings were also held at NTNU for ongoing revisions. These results were used to create university-ranking indicators, which are comprised of four aspects weighted as: Reputation (20%), Teaching (35%), Research/Performances/Competitions (35%) and Internationalization (10%). Whereas each aspect has its own set of indicators and sub-indicators, those for the field of music should also differ slightly from the other two colleges due to the academic and professional features unique to the discipline. Lastly, this research offered suggestions for future research and implementation for a more well-rounded ranking system.en_US
dc.publisherCollege of Music, NTNUen_US
dc.subject.otherranking indicatorsen_US
dc.subject.otheruniversity rankingsen_US
dc.subject.otherhigher educationen_US
dc.title.alternativeA Preliminary Study of Establishing University Ranking Indicators for the Field of Musiczh_tw
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