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Title: 臺灣作曲家「鋼琴協奏曲」之統整與分析
Other Titles: Collection and Analysis of " PianoConcerto" by Taiwanese Composers.
Authors: 莊文達
Wen Ta Juang
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學音樂學院
College of Music, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以分析臺灣作曲家創作之「鋼琴協奏曲」作品為主,包括老、中、青三代之作曲家作品。前輩作曲家有郭芝苑《小協奏曲》、許常惠《百家春》、盧炎《第二號鋼琴協奏曲》等作品;其次為第二代作曲家有徐頌仁《落大雨主題變奏》、蕭泰然《鋼琴協奏曲》、馬水龍《關渡隨想》等作品;再者為較年輕之作曲家有林進祐《宇宙》、楊聰賢《鋼琴小協奏曲》、鍾耀光《鋼琴小協奏曲》、莊文達《犁之翼》等作曲家之作品。本研究之分析,試圖從創作的動機與內容的論述,進而鋪陳其所運用之音樂語言與技法。在「競」與「合」、「形式」與「內容」,取得一定的平衡與結合。其分析理論包括傳統理論分析法、詮釋分析法等手法為基礎,進行歸納整理。再者,從這些作曲家所創作理念及素材推衍其西方創作觀、東方文化觀及本土鄉音之美學觀。個人音樂語法之成熟與風格之建立,著實很難透過本研究之陳述,即為構建這些作曲家之個人風格。然而將上述臺灣作曲家之創作,歸納其語法與風格的創作美學觀,將他們創作觀試圖結合「傳統」與「現代」及「西洋」與「本土」之理念,逐步透析其音樂思維與語法。
This research focus on the analysis of "Piano Concerto" by Taiwanesecomposers, including the works by the elder, mid and young generations. Theworks of composers of elder generation include "Piano Concertino" by Chih-YuanKou, "Bai Jia Zhuen" by Tsang-Houei Hsu, "Piano Concerto No. 2" by Yen Lu;The works of mid generation composers include "Theme & Variation of Lo-Ta-Yu"by Sung-Jen Hsu, "Piano Concerto" by Tai-Jan Hsiao ,"Guan-Du Fantasy" byShui-Lung Ma;The works of younger composers include "The Universe" byChing-Yu Lin, "Piano Concertino" by Tsung-Hsien Yang, "Piano Concertino" byYao-Kuang Chung, "Wings of the Plough" by Wen-Ta Juang and many more.The analysis of this research, attempted to discuss the musical language andthe techniques that were applied and laid in the composition from the perspectiveof motives and the materials used. And get a constant balance combination between"discordant" and "harmonious" as well as "form" and "content". To achieve this,the theory of analysis include the method of traditional analysis, annotationanalysis and many more as basis to arrange and organize. Moreover, explainwestern composing perspective, eastern culture perspective and the esthetics viewof native language from the compositional ideas and materials used by thecomposers.The style and the maturity of personal musical language were difficult todeclare in this research, thus, the personal style of the composers were constructedHowever, this research organized the compositions listed above by the creationgrammar and esthetics view of stylistic composing. Furthermore, combine theircomposing perspective with the idea of "traditional" and "modern" or "western"and "native", gradually, analyze thoroughly the musical thoughts and language.
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