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Title: 1968 年「民歌採集剪輯錄音」—美濃客家〈催眠歌〉研究
Other Titles: “The Edited Recording of Folksong Collection in 1968” — Research on Meinong Hakka's “Lullaby”
Authors: 戴麗雪
Li-Hsueh TAI
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學音樂學院
College of Music, NTNU
Abstract: 多數以「民歌採集」運動為題之學術論文多聚焦在史惟亮、許常惠兩位教授的採集過程、成果及影響,對當時共同參與成員多輕描淡寫或有疏漏,因本文意欲重建呂錦明先生的採集路線,透過呂錦明親身回顧,重新構築西隊完整的採集日記。當年呂錦明所負責採集的內容,除了福佬系、屏東的高山族群外還有高雄美濃客家民歌,其中由鍾兆庚先生演唱的〈催眠歌〉,被史惟亮收錄在1968 年「民歌採集剪輯錄音」中,足見此歌謠在美濃客家歌謠裡,具有一定的社會功能及意義。鍾兆庚為美濃客家歌謠耆老,學界對他的生平全然陌生,因此將透過訪談的方式,獲知更多有關他的生平事蹟。尤其〈催眠歌〉在美濃客家系文化中的存在背景、音樂的特殊意涵及其演進,都是本文致力探討的方向。本文主要分成四個段落:一、呂錦明生平略述。二、重建當年呂錦明採集路線及採集日記。三、鍾兆庚生平簡介。四、〈催眠歌〉之音樂分析。藉此研究,彰顯美濃客家系〈催眠歌〉之音樂意涵。透過研究,重建架構當時人、事、時、地、物的歷程。
Most of the academic papers, of which the themes are “Activities of Folksong Collection”, focus on collection activities, achievements and influences of Professor Wei-Liang Shih and Professor Chang-Hui Hsu. However, members who participated in those papers were understated or overlooked. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is, from Mr. Chin-Ming Lu's person review, to rebuild the collection route of Chin-Ming Lu and to restructure the complete collection journal of the whole team. What Chin-Ming Lu collected included not only Hoklo, Indigenous Taiwanese in Pingtung, but also Hakka musics of Meinong Kaohsiung, among which “Lullaby”, sung by Chao Keng Chung, was chosen by Wei-Liang Shih to be one of the folksongs of Meinong Kaohsiung, which was edited and collected in “The Edited Recording of Folksong Collection in 1968”. From this point, it is obvious that the folksong played a certain role in social functions and meanings in Meinong Hakka folksongs. Although Chao-Keng Chung was a senior musician of local Meinong Hakka folksongs, the academia has been totally strange to his lifetime. Therefore, by carring out interviewings, we obtain more of his lifetime achievements. Above all, via this research, we intend to introduce the existing cultural background and special meaning of music for “Lullaby” in Meinong Hakka music so as to help understand the history position of it for Hakka music in the southern Taiwan. This article consists of four sections: 1. Brief introduction of Chin-Ming Lu. 2. Rebuilding the collection route and journal of Chin-Ming Lu. 3. Brief introduction of Chao-Keng Chung. 4. Music analysis of “Lullaby”. To highlight the meaning of the lyric and music of “Lullaby”, by doing the research we are able to rebuild the collection journal and route of the collector Chin-Ming Lu to frame the complete history of people, matters, time, place and things in that time.
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