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Title: 餐飲研發人員專業職能重要性評估
Other Titles: To Evaluate the Importance of Professional Competency of Foodservice R & Demployees
Authors: 柯文華
Wen-Hwa Ko
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的評估餐飲研發人員專業職能項目重要性;研究中利用模糊層級分析法(Fuzzy Analysis Hierarchy Process; FAHP)比較個構面所呈現的相對權重,以了解專業職能的重要性。研究中選取資深研發專業人員進行研發人員專業職能問卷評估。結果顯示,主構面中以人格特質比專業能力重要;在人格特質次構面中,主動積極、自我挑戰及耐力抗壓較為重要;而細項中,以具有抗壓性、樂於接受挑戰與良好負責任態度較為重要。在專業能力的次構面中,計畫變通能力、產品知能及管理知能較為重要,而需有問題解決能力、具有應變反應能力及對原物料有一定認知等細項較為重要。研究所得結果將有助於餐飲業人才招募、訓練及教育學進行教育訓練參考。
This study aims to evaluate relative weights of different dimensions of foodservice R & D employees' professional competency by Fuzzy Analysis Hierarchy Process (FAHP) in order to find the importance of the professional competency. Experienced R&D professional employees were selected for questionnaire on R&D employees' professional competency. According to the results, among principal dimensions, personality trait is more important than professional competence. As to sub-dimensions of personality trait, ranking of importance is active, self-challenge and patience and pressure resistance. In items, pressure resistance, acceptance of challenge and responsibility are more important. Regarding sub-dimensions of professional competence, flexibility of plan, product knowledge and capacity and R&D management are more important. Problem-solving ability, flexibility and cognition of materials are more important. The findings can serve as educational training reference for recruitment of foodservice industry, training and education.
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