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Title: 市場導向的汽車修護專業能力之分析
Other Titles: The Analysis of Market Orientation on Professional Competence of Automotive Repair
Authors: 孫仲山
Chung-Shan Sun
Wen-Chin Chen
Zeu-Sen Hong
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討汽車修理廠汽車修護技工之專業能力,收集小型汽車保養所、乙種汽車修理廠、甲種汽車修理廠各三所為期一年的維修工單,透過文件分析法加以統計分類15,368份維修工單,按照汽車引擎修護、汽車底盤修護、汽車電系修護及其它相關汽車修護專業能力分門別類,編製成汽車修護能力內涵表。本研究透過文獻探討、描述性統計以及自行編製汽車修護專業能力檢核表,分析汽車修理廠汽車修護各系統的重要性與不同規模汽車修理廠汽車修護能力之差異,最後將汽車修護各系統之專業能力予以分析詮釋,並與高職汽車科專業課程做出比較差異,在各系統重要項目之排名順序裡,其中發現到高職課程在汽車引擎修護、汽車底盤修護及汽車電系修護專業領域短少若干項專業能力。最後,期冀研究結果能夠提供汽車修護相關業界、教育機構及學習者了解目前市場上汽車修護專業能力,用以加強職業學校汽車科學生專業核心能力,提升未來就業之工作力。
The purpose of this research was aimed at examining the mechanic's professional competence from different automotive workplaces. Main research subjects were the one-year worksheets from a small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale automobile workplaces. The 15368 valid worksheets were conducted by document analysis and were classified according to the engine repair, chassis repair, electrical system repair and other automotive service and repair. This paper was found that the engine repair, chassis repair and electrical system repair lack of several profession competences. Based on the survey results, the research enables the automotive repair enterprises, educational systems and learners to realize the present professional competence and differences in automotive service and repair. Meanwhile, it helps students' professional core competence and consequently enhances their workforce in the future.
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