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Title: 職業學校機械群部定實習科目教科書之內容分析與評估
Other Titles: A Content Analysis and Assessment of the Textbooks of National Practice Subjects in Mechanical Cluster for Vocational High Schools in Taiwan
Authors: 張復萌
Fu-Meng Chang
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解職業學校機械群部定實習科目(製圖實習、機械基礎實習、機械電學實習)教科書之適切評估。研究方法有三:一是教科書內容分析,由五位任教15年以上教師組成研究小組,分析三個科目16冊教科書,並以肯得爾和諧係數檢測評分員信度。二是焦點團體座談法,辦理3場次與5位現職教師,共同探討教科書內涵的適切性。三是深度訪談法,與2位審定委員探討教科書審定制度、課程綱要及教科書的妥適性。主要結論:1.實習科目教科書中呈現知識的內容多於技能的內容。2.職能內涵適切性分析結果,現行機械群實習科目教科書中內容難易度為簡單易讀且份量適中;各單元內涵間屬少量銜接;且與其他科目內涵間屬無或適度的重疊等特性。建議:1.各實習(實作)科目建議訂定教科書中知識與技能內涵之適當比重。2.對有重疊性的課程能明訂各科目應學習的範圍及深度。3.彈性增加實習科目的教學時數,以提升學生的實作能力。4.製圖實習能重新納入「輔助視圖」單元。
This study aims to understand the national professional practice subjects of vocational high schools in mechanical cluster (Drawing Practice, Base Mechanical Practice, Practice of Electric Works for Machinery), the relevance assessment in textbooks. The research design included content analysis of textbooks and focus group interview and in-depth interview approach. The research team consist of five experienced teachers who have taught over 15 years, a total of 3 subjects and 16 textbooks were involved in this study, and using Kendall’s coefficient of concordance detected the inter-rater reliability. The focus group were interviewed with teachers to collect about current the relevance of the competence contents in practice subjects of textbooks. The in-depth interview with current reviewers to discuss review-system and curriculum guidelines and the suitable contents of textbooks. The major conclusions: 1.The edited forms of the occupational competence contents in textbooks are knowledge contents more than skill contents. 2. The relevance analysis of the occupational competence contents in textbooks, in difficult degree of contents in current practice textbooks are simple approximately, moderate quantity contents, the contents of each units belong to a small amount of connection, and with other subjects are none or moderate overlap in textbook’s contents. The recommendations: 1. Suggest each practice (operating) subject should be set an appropriate proportion in knowledge and skill in textbook’s contents. 2. The course are overlapped with other subjects, should be formulated the learning scope and the difficult degree of contents. 3. Elastic increase teaching time for practice subjects to enhance student’s skill. 4. The auxiliary view unit re-add in the course of Drawing Practice.
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