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Title: 美國社區學院之課程規劃與設計:以機械製造科技為例
Other Titles: Curriculum Planning and Design of Community College in America - A Case Study of Mechanical Manufacturing Program
Authors: 許全守
Chuan-Shou Hau, Yu-Ying Yu
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究基於2014-2015年美國社區學院網站的資源和文章,探討、分析全美開授機械製造科技學程和機械加工科技學程作分析探討。分析學程開設與課程規劃之課程發展組織、規範、課程計畫、學歷證明與其發展取向。同時闡述社區學院機械製造科技群之課程規劃組織運作、學程規劃與設計,提出機械製造科技學程計畫在各州呈現共同之形貌,再以內布拉斯州中央社區學院為例,因較其他州之社區學院課程多元完整周延,作為機械製造科技學程計畫形貌之模組,其主要特色包括以領域開授、依學位修習學分、與產業需求結合,並依副學士、文憑與證明之學位別,規定必修、通識教育核心課程及畢業要求之條件,對生涯與技術教育與助益大。歸納出美國社區學院在機械製造科技學程在規劃與設計上所面臨的挑戰。最後,綜理出結論並提出建議,美國社區學院為技術人力培育與職涯發展與技術教育之典範,其課程計畫多元彈性,兼顧升學就業、零存整付的特質,具相當程度的因應個人和產業需求而調變的機制,對我國技職教育的啟示,實有引為思酌與探究之價值。
This study is aimed at exploring and analyzing the manufacturing technology and mechanizing technology programs through the information and literature on the websites of community colleges in America from 2014 to 2015. In this study, we analyzed the methods of program design, rules, teaching programs, certificates and the future development of those colleges that offer the manufacturing technology and mechanizing technology programs. This study also incorporated Central Community College of Nebraska as an example because its program is flexible and diverse for learners in Central Community College of Nebraska and it is much better and more complete than those in other states, and thus it could be represented as a module. In Central Community College of Nebraska, the features of the program include the following: courses based on various fields; earning credits based on degrees; and meeting the needs of the industry. The students are required to take obligatory courses as well as general core courses, and the program sets definite graduation conditions according to the rules of the Associate in Applied Science, Diplomas or Certificates. It is helpful for one's career as well as one's technical education. Our conclusion was generalized from the curriculum planning and design of Community Colleges in America. The conclusion of this study was that the program of Community Colleges in America seemed to be the model of the cultivation human resources and technical education. The flexible and diverse program that Community Colleges in America offer prepare the students for advanced studies and/or careers in a club-saving manner. The program of Community Colleges in America can be applied in Taiwan in order to study and explore our technical education.
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