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Title: 我國技專校院校外實習之現況與實例分析
Other Titles: The Current Situation and Empirical Analysis of Off-Campus Internship of Technological Colleges and Universities in Taiwan
Authors: 張仁家
王 麒
Jen-Chia Chang, Chi Wong
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 我國技職教育向來以為造就各行業專業優秀人才為主要宗旨,是提供國家技術人才的重要命脈。因此配合產業需求,提昇學生實務上專業知識技術成為國家的主要棟樑,落實產學合作之校外實習即是技職教育有效培育學生的重要環節。然而隨著全球知識經濟的快速發展驅動我國產業結構轉型升級,學校所推動的校外實習勢必需要密切與產業脈動發展連接。有鑑於此,本文透過文獻回顧,探討校外實習的相關意涵與效益,歸納出校外實習所衍生的諸多正面能量,又進一步了解我國校外實習的發展現況,並舉出國內辦理校外實習優良之技專校院加以分析討論,最後針對校外實習的一些負向缺失提出在未來學校落實校外實習的改善與建議。
Technical and vocational education in our country has always aimed to bring upindustry professional talents; it’s providing a vital lifeline of our national technicalpersonnel. Therefore, enhancing students’ practical technical expertise andimplementing campus internship of industry cooperation are the key part for technicaland vocational education to effectively nurture students to meet the industry demand.However, with the rapid development of global knowledge economy which drivesa transformation and upgrading of our industrial structure, the campus internship ofindustry cooperation promoted by schools should be bound and connected more closelywith the Industry pulsation. In view of this, this article, through a review of theliterature, investigates related implications and benefits of campus internship, wherein itsummed up lots of positive energy derived from campus internship, learned more about current status of our campus internship development, and cited excellent campusinternship cases practiced by domestic vocational schools for discussion, and finally, presented a number of recommendations to the negative deletion of some negative campus internships.
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