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Title: 我國技職教育廣播節目製播之成效探究-以某技職教育節目為例
Other Titles: The Effectiveness of the Radio Program of Technologicaland Vocational Education in Taiwan- Take a TVE Program For Example
Authors: 蔡宜穎
Yi-Ying Tsai
How-gao Hsu
Chien-Ming Huang
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣技職教育在國家經濟發展及培育所需的技術人力上,扮演著重要的角色,技職教育提供多元的進路讓學生能多元發展,並找到自己未來的生涯發展方向。為宣揚技職教育並加強社會對技職教育的了解,在民國91年至民國96年教育部技術及職業教育司曾委託國立教育廣播電臺製播專責介紹技職教育的廣播節目,本研究透過國立教育廣播電臺所製播的技職校育節目進行個案研究,透過案例分析法加以整理及歸納,探討我國技職教育廣播節目製播之成效。隨著十二年國民基本教育的推動,在適性揚才與適性發展的氛圍下,教育部仍應積極延續過去的廣播平臺宣導模式,來提供社會大眾對於技職教育更多的了解與認識,幫助每一個孩子都能「選技職、好好讀、有前途」。
Technological and Vocational Education (TVE) played a decisive role by nurturing the range of human resources required for our basic national infrastructure and for promoting economic development. A variety of channels are provided to cater to students with a diverse range of abilities and prepare them to find an ideally suitable career in the future. The Ministry of Education through the radio program production at the National Education Radio from 2002-2007 to give people from all walks of life a clearer more comprehensive view of TVE in Taiwan and the directions our future policies are taking. This research applied theories of partnership to examine a case at the National Education Radio and used literature review to collect information. The case study method was used to discuss the effectiveness of the radio program of technological and vocational education in Taiwan. The policy of 12 years of basic education and the direction that TVE is taking both emphasize promoting adaptive learning and counselling to help students understand their own aptitudes and interests, with the key aim of preparing students well for their future participation in society and a suitable career. The Ministry of Education should actively to continue through the radio program production to inspire even more technologically and practically inclined students to choose TVE.
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