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Title: 科技大學學生任務價值、期限壓力及拖延:主動及被動拖延者之比較
Other Titles: Task Value, Deadline Pressure and Procrastination among University of Science Students: Comparison of Active and Passive Procrastinators
Authors: 李介至
Jie-Zhi Lee
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要從時間動機觀點檢測主動/被動拖延者在期限壓力下之任務價值、任務延遲及拖延行為之變化。研究參與者包含421名科技大學四年級之在學學生為研究參與者,研究工具包含拖延行為評定表、主動拖延量表、學業自我效能量表、任務價值量表及任務延遲量表,分析技術採取結構方程模式、Cohen's D、變異數分析、重複量數分析及t考驗。研究結果顯示,1.參與者對高工具價值學科之任務正向知覺較高,具有較高之自我效能、興趣、成就需求及熱衷取向,對低工具價值學科則反之。2.隨著任務期限接近,任務價值(第一次測量)對任務價值(第二次測量)具有直接正向效果;任務延遲(第一次測量)對任務延遲(第二次測量)具有直接負向效果。3.在任務價值及任務延遲之比較上,無拖延者比被動拖延者及主動拖延者具有較高之自我效能。本研究並根據研究結果提供建議。
The main purpose of this study was from a point of time motivation to compare the difference among active/passive procrastinators. The participants were 421 university of science students and research tools included procrastination check list, active procrastination scale, academic self-efficacy scale, task value scale and task delay scale. Questionnaires were analyzed by structural equation model, t test, ANOVA, Cohen's d and repeated measures analysis. The results of this study were as follows: (1)Participants perceived task value, with higher standards of self-efficacy, interest, achievements and demand oriented. (2)With the mandate of approaching, the task value (first measurement) had a direct positive effect on task value(second measurement), in relative terms, task delayed (first measurement) had a direct negative effect on task delayed (second measurement). (3)Three different procrastinator types revealed different level of task value and task delay. Implications for theory, practice and research are discussed.
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