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dc.contributor.authorLing-Hui Yangen_US
dc.contributor.authorTing-Sheng Wengen_US
dc.contributor.authorDer-Ching Yangen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究透過課程分析進行數位教材之設計與實施,改進教學歷程及評估教學成效。開發之數位教材內容以敘述統計與機率兩單元為主,以Flash CS6製作動畫影片,其設計理念藉由動畫帶引統計運算流程與步驟,以及正式的符號,依對應之圖形呈現統計量大小意涵與其資料分佈之特徵,強化學習者在這三者之間的串聯,讓統計思考在統計教學過程中建立,以達成資料、圖形與資訊的聯結進而訓練其批判能力。依學期初前測與期末後測之統計學習態度及統計焦慮調查,資料顯示學習者在學習過程中,在情意(affect)、價值(value)、困難感(difficulty)與認知能力(cognitive competence)四個面向有顯著提升;在統計焦慮層面,學習焦慮(learning anxiety)、考試焦慮(examination anxiety)和解讀焦慮(interpretationanxiety)下降程度具有顯著成效。根據PLS分析,驗證統計焦慮對統計學習態度有顯著負向之影響效果,統計學習態度對學習績效有顯著正向之影響效果;但經由教學歷程中數位教材之應用,學習者在統計焦慮與學習績效之關係而言,前測資料驗證統計焦慮對學習績效有顯著負向之影響效果,但後測資料顯示,統計焦慮對學習績效並不具負向影響效果。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThis study involved developing digital multimedia materials and assessing their influence on students' attitudes and anxiety towards statistics in a statistics course at a University of Science and Technology. Digital teaching materials were developed for Descriptive Statistics and Probability courses, they featured graphical and visualization techniques to assist students in analyzing data, thinking about statistical ideas, and focusing on the interpretation of results and the understanding of concepts. We assessed students' attitudes and anxiety when they began the course and after they had completed it. Significant effects were observed in 4 attitude scales (affect, value, difficulty, and cognitive competence) and 3 anxiety scales (learning anxiety, examination anxiety, and interpretation anxiety). The difference in scores (posttest-pretest) increases in attitudes and decreases in anxiety which were attributed to using the digital multimedia educational materials. A partial least squares method was used to test the effects of students’ statistics anxiety, attitudes toward statistics, and application of digital teaching materials on their achievement in an introductory statistics course. The results of the study revealed that statistics anxiety and attitudes towards statistics were the most accurate predictors of students' achievement in statistics at the beginning of the course. Nevertheless, the analysis indicated that only students' attitudes were a critical factor, directly affecting directly their achievements at the ending of the course. In addition, statistics anxiety exerted an indirect effect on the achievements in statistics by influencing the attitudes of the students towards statistics anxiety. This paper presents a discussion of the implications of these findings for teaching and learning statistics.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwan Association for Mathematics Educationen_US
dc.subject.otherattitudes towards statisticsen_US
dc.subject.otherstatistics anxietyen_US
dc.subject.otherdigital teaching materialsen_US
dc.title.alternativeDeveloping Digital Multimedia Educational Materials in an Introductory Statistics Course at a University of Science and Technologyzh_tw
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