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Title: 蘇洵論禮蠡測—兼論其經史觀
Other Titles: A Discussion of Su Hsun’s Ritual Theory: Also about His Outlook of the Relationship between Classics and History
Authors: 蔣義斌
Chiang, I Pin
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Department of History,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 蘇洵(1009-1066)為北宋蜀學的重要學者,他完成有關禮的論述,自成體系,約可分為禮的內容及禮的實踐兩方面。禮的內容方面:包括論述禮具有神聖性、權威力量、內化和諧、人情基礎;禮的實踐方面:說明禮與民俗的辯證關係、檢討合宜與否(賞罰)的依據。其中禮的實踐方面,論證「史」的時空環境、反省,亦是禮能遂行的要件之一。蘇洵對禮有完整的論述,並強調禮必須在歷史中實踐,他的禮論凸顯出歷史的重要性。蘇洵重史的立場,也形成他經史「義一體二」說,經史相資互用,經、史均不可絕對化,在經史關係上,亦是甚有特色的論述。蘇洵晚年參與《太常因革禮》的修撰,以「史」來落實對以禮治國的關懷。該書因蘇洵堅持以「史」的立場來撰寫,而非撰寫「禮典」,故得以順利完成。「因革」的體例,可以掌握史實細節,同時使「善惡自著」。蘇洵主張對「禮」的討論,必須落實到歷史之中。由「迹」來驗證「道」的發展,有其理論的依據,同時他也證明了這是種重要的方法。
Su Hsun (1009-1066) is an important scholar of Shu School in Northern Sung China. He finished a theory about ritual system that could divide into two parts.Firstly, the contents of ritual, that will included ritual has being sacred, authority and power, transforming harmony, and its foundation of human feelings. Secondly, the practice of ritual, he explained that will have dialectics relation between ritual and custom, and discussed the principle of justice that could be as a base to reward and punishment. The second part of his theory of ritual, he wanted to proof that timespace environment and introspection in history is a fundamental element.In the theory of ritual that established by Su Hsun, ritual must practice in history. In his theory about ritual, history is a fundamental element, that forming his view about the relation of classics and history. He will call the new relation is yi yi tie er, one way two type. They are no absolutely advantageous between classics and history. It is a characteristic discuss in the intellectual history of China.In Su Hsun’s old age, he participated in a team to compose royal ritual, named Tai chang yin ge li. In this royal ritual records, Sh Hsun insist that composed principle should be history not ritual codes. This ritual records book has been finished for his insist. Yin ge means continuous and change, that constituted the main contents of history. The style of Yin ge could recorded details and examine introspection both.Su Hsun claims ritual must practicable, and the development of history could test and verify the way. It is not just a theory, in the works of composing ritual records book Su Hsun prove that history is an important method.
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