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Title: 解殖民的文化地景再現:以泰雅族人繪製「會吟唱的地圖」為例
Other Titles: Decolonizing Cultural Landscape Repressentions: The Making of ‘Chanting Map’ by Tayal people
Authors: 蕭世暉
Pasang Hsiao, tibusungu ’e vayayana
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 原住民族被納入國家治理以來,往往被迫從殖民國家的他者所繪製的地圖來認知所身處的空間,並被迫從統治者的角度來定位及再現自身,形構著殖民文化地景的空間。當代原住民族在還我土地及文化復振運動中,體認到,要定義並定位原住民族自己的生活空間,就必須由族人來繪製自己的地圖,近年來興起部落繪製地圖的一股風氣。部落繪製地圖不但是一種提出土地權利訴求的方式,同時也是建構解殖化空間的實踐。地圖作為再現地景空間的工具,除了政治權力的角力之外,如何繪製,也包羅了文化差異與競爭在當中。本文將以致力於以泰雅族傳統吟唱方式,來進行泰雅族傳統領域地圖繪製的實踐為例,來探討其解殖民文化地景空間建構的意涵。
Since indigenous peoples have been merged into nation state governance, they often forced to recognize their own living spaces from the map made by the others perspectives of colonial powers. They are also forced to place and represent themselves from the perspectives of the come rulers. Thus the configuration of colonial cultural landscape been shaped. Under the situation of contemporary indigenous movements about land and cultural restoration, indigenous peoples realize that, they must make their own maps in order to redefine and relocate their own living spaces. In recent years, indigenous community mapping has been prevalent. Indigenous community mapping is not only a way to appeal the land rights, but also a way to decolonize cultural landscapes. As mapping having been a tool of landscape representation, how to do that, not only related to the political power struggle, but also include struggling of cultural differences and competitions. This paper will take a Tayal people traditional territory mapping action as example that are committed to the Tayal traditional way of mapping by chanting, to explore the decolonization implications of cultural landscape construction by indigenous mapping.
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