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Titel: 亞太地區氣候變遷與森林適應
Sonstige Titel: Climate Change and Forest Adaptation in the Asia-Pacific
Autoren: Guangyu Wang
Shari L. Mang
Judi Krzyzanowski
Futao Guo
Tongli Wang
Brianne Riehla
Haijun Kang
Qinglin Li
John L. Innes
Erscheinungsdatum: Nov-2015
Herausgeber: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: 氣候變遷已對亞太地區造成生態、社會及經濟的嚴重威脅。由於體認到亞太地區森林生態系與森林產業之重要,以及林業與氣候變遷減緩之密切連結,本文將回顧亞太地區有關森林對氣候變遷的適應與減緩之現行政策、科學及技術,總結有關此議題目前的文獻情況,並提出知識與政策之落差。本文在評估亞太地區林業與森林經營的現行狀況、氣候與生態系模擬的發展、以及政策在適應及減緩能力的任務後,據此提出三個主要建議:(1)跨領域及跨國界的協同;(2)發展國家政策架構;(3)增加區域及地方的特殊研究,例如特殊物種模式發展,以增加權益關係人及科學家獲得足夠訊息。最後,透過永續森林經營倡議,以達成減排目的,並獲致附加的環境及社經目標,是至為關鍵。
Climate change poses serious ecological, social and economic threats to the Asia-Pacific (AP) region. Recognizing the importance of forest ecosystems and the forest industry in the AP, as well as the strong connection between forestry and climate change mitigation, this paper reviews existing policy, science, and technology related to the adaptation and mitigation of AP forests to climate change. We summarize the current state of literature related to these topics and identify knowledge and policy gaps to be addressed. After evaluating the current state of forests and forest management in the region, developments in climate and ecosystem modeling, and the role of policy in the adaptive and mitigative capacity of AP nations, we provide three main recommendations for improvement of forest management and decision-making in the region: 1) cross-disciplinary and cross-national collaboration; 2) the development of national policy frameworks; and 3) an increase in regionally and locally specific research, including the development of species-specific models, to increase the availability of relevant information to stakeholders and scientists. Finally, we emphasize the importance of using sustainable forest management initiatives in meeting emissions reduction targets and in achieving additional environmental and socio-economic objectives.
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