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Title: 構框與織網:臺灣濕地的社會生產與治理
Other Titles: Framing and Networking: The Social Production and Governance of Wetlands in Taiwan
Authors: 李涵茹
Han-Ru Lee
Chih-Hung Wang
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文運用構框和織網概念,討論濕地之社會生產與治理方式的轉化與型態。本文首先檢視臺灣濕地保育發展的歷史,區分為三個不同但重疊的構框型態:開發構框中的海埔地與河川地、紅樹林與水鳥保育構框中的沼澤泥灘棲地,以及生態服務濕各有主導的論述與治理機制。其次,作者以臺北都會區水岸濕地為例,討論濕地治理的異質網絡形成,包含由環境主義非政府組織倡議的保育濕地、政府主導的大型保育與淨化濕地,以及由社區構築的小型生態教育濕地,呈現出不同的國家與社會關係。本文也指出,濕地網絡中的非人行動者也會發揮作用,促使人類以特定方式回應其存在與變化。臺灣濕地網絡持續汲取資源、擴大影響,不僅是回應氣候遷與區域競爭下的環境治理,也是構框與織網過程相互強化的結果。
Using concepts of framing and networking, this article aims to examine the social production of the wetlands network as well as the transformation and types of governance. The authors divide the development of wetland conservation in Taiwan into three different but overlapping framing types: tidal land within a coastal development framework, mudflats within mangrove swamps and a water bird conservation framework, and wetlands within an ecosystem services and purification framework, by which the transformation of production, discourse and governance of the wetlands is unfolded. Then, the authors turn to the networking of waterfront wetland governance in the Taipei metropolitan area, including environmentalist NGO initiatives, government-led large-scale wetlands conservation and purification, as well as community-based small-scale wetlands for ecological education, seeking to identify the implied state-social relations. Finally, the article points out various changes. The gradual expansion of wetland networks in Taiwan is not only a respond to the trend of environmental governance under climate change and regional competition, but also the result of the mutual reinforcement of framing and networking.
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