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Title: 達悟族傳統生態知識與其永續性價值
Other Titles: Tao Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Its Value for Sustainability
Authors: 董恩慈
Syaman Lamuran, tibusungu ’e vayayana
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 現代環境治理下,現代知識干擾甚至要取代達悟族傳統生態知識,也造成族人照顧及維護所生存自然環境及自身社會的權力與能力被剝奪,是當今達悟人之島(Pongso no Tao 他稱蘭嶼)環境與社會所面臨的嚴重問題。傳統生態知識的運用讓達悟人在這島上生存超過數千年。在地原生的知識(Indigenous Knowledge)經過長時間的洗鍊驗證,形塑了達悟人對蘭嶼自然環境獨有的絕佳適應力及韌性能力,這並非來自於現代主流知識與環境治理所能達成。本研究將呈現達悟人與環境互動的內涵及傳統生態知識多元與動態的影響,來對照全球化下當前國家在人之島施作的現代環境治理方式,島嶼刻正面臨環境議題與社會變遷劇烈嚴重之際,本文強調應立基於傳統生態知識的在地觀點,調整、重構現代環境治理模式,以重現達悟人所期盼的永續家園。
Modern environmental governance brings severe problem to the Tao people living on Pongso no Tao (The island of people), also known as Lanyu 蘭嶼(Orchid Island)in Mandarin. It’s not only disrupts or even replaces their traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) but also deprives their rights to and ability of self-guarding and self-governing their home Island. TEK has helped Tao and Island survive for over thousands of years and formed a unique way of adaptability and resilience in Islandenvironment. However, this capability can never be learned from current environmental governance, because it is based solely on mainstream or alien knowledge, completely ignoring Tao’s TEK and capability of self governance, as a result, Tao people now are facing serious crisis due to drastic social and environmental changes. In contrast to modern environmental governance imposed by government on Pongso no Tao nowadays, this paper emphasizes on how TEK regulate the interaction betweenpeople and nature for thousands of years and illustrates its multifaceted active influence. Based on local indigenous perspective, the authors also address the longing for transformation on mode of environmental governance that based mainly on Tao’s TEK and self-governance tradition to restore the sustainability of the Tao and the Pongso no Tao.
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