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Titel: 飛向星星的你(sic itur ad astra):一個跨文化賦作〈輕氣球賦〉的遊樂園意涵考察
Sonstige Titel: Flying to the Stars: A Cross-Cultural Rhapsody "Hot Air Balloon Fu" Playground Meaning
Autoren: 梁淑媛
Shu-Yuan Liang
Erscheinungsdatum: Sep-2016
Herausgeber: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: 刊載於1895年的〈輕氣球賦〉,原本應是一篇描述戰爭攻防的奇器賦作;然而,從文本中細讀,其與傳統靜態的「詠物」大賦產生了不小的裂隙。其在形式結構、語言體式及選聲音韻上,仍依循著傳統大賦的規模體制;然而對於抒情內容,整體的鋪陳描寫,已由傳統尊榮帝王的歌功頌德轉變為以人民日常生活(及其生發連結關係之「事」、「物」)的感受為敘述主體;由揄揚帝王鴻業轉變為描寫民眾愉悅情緒;由鋪寫帝王都城、田獵轉變為敘述異人飛越疆界、創發精神;而以往傳統大賦的「大一統聲音」也轉變為君王、貴族與民眾時而愉悅、時而喧嘩的多音交響。其亦以歷時性「講故事」線性敘事法,將史詩、神話穿插交織於情節中,描述廣場上的民眾觀看史上第一次實驗輕氣球飛昇上天的熱鬧場景,就彷如一場擬馬戲團表演。而其展示輕氣球施之於萬國博覽會觀光、戰爭、農事上的功用,也像是一場場「遊戲體驗營」的娛樂工具,帶給了當時人們心理上一種模糊的、存有對理想性追尋的期待願景。「輕氣球」這玩藝,在世紀帝國末慰藉了國人「殤逝」的心靈,達到短暫性「療癒」止痛的果效。在曲奏終雅、卒章顯志之際,幽微地閃爍出作者的隱隱意識:將輕氣球轉變成走到人民日常生活當中,可以利民、可以娛民,使民可以逍遙自適的遊樂園意涵。
"Hot Air Balloon Fu" Published in 1895 a key moment, supposed to be a description of the offensive and defensive war Fu .However , from a close reading of the text , with the traditional static " chanting" Da Fu had no small cracks. On its formal structure, language style and rhyme , Fu follows the traditional large -scale.However, for the lyrical content, the whole elaborate description. It has been the traditional honor of singing the praises of the emperor changed to people's daily lives (and germinal nexus of "things" and "object") as described in the main feelings. Praising the emperor into a pleasant mood describing people. Writing the imperial capital and hunting into an extraordinary person who overflew the border, and the spirit of creating. The previous conventional Da Fu "unified voice" is also transformed into the mixing symphonies of kings, aristocrats and people who sometimes cheerful, sometimes noisy sounds. Its diachronic "storytelling" linear narrative method, the epic, myth interspersed intertwined in the plot. Describing people to watch the first-ever lively scene experimental balloon soaring heaven on the square, just like a circus show. And it shows the balloon to Shi Wanguo Expo tour, war, on the function of farming, but also like a field of "gaming experience camp" entertainment tool, bringing a vague when people psychologically, there quest for the ideal of expectations vision. "Hot Air Balloon" this stuff at the end of the Age of Empire comforts people the soul of mourning, to transient "healing" effect. In the occasion of song played end and showed the will, faint flashes of the author's consciousness: transforming the balloon to go to people's daily life. It can benefit the people, we can entertain people, so that people can be happy adaptive Playground implications.
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