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Title: 泗州僧伽和尚神異傳說研究──以敦煌文獻為中心的討論
Other Titles: The Miraculous Legends of Sengqie Monk in Sizhou-In the Center of Dunhuang Manuscripts
Authors: 楊明璋
Yang, Ming-chang
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 以敦煌文獻中S.1624僧傳摘抄、P.3727〈聖者泗州僧伽和尚元念因緣〉,以及P.2217、S.2565、S.2754等的《僧伽和尚欲入涅槃說六度經》為中心,探究僧伽和尚神異傳說的流衍,其神異傳說與神聖崇拜的關係,同時也兼論僧伽和尚與萬迴、寶誌合抄的意義。
In the center of excerpts from Monks’ biography in S.1624 of Dunhuang Manuscripts, P.3727 of “ Shengzhe Sizhou Sengqie Heshang Yuannian Yinyuan ” as well as P.2217, S.2565 and S.2754 of Sengqie Heshang Yuru Niepan Shuo Liudujing, I delved into the spread and evolution of the miraculous legends of Sengqie monk in Sizhou, and the connection between miraculous legends and sacred worship, and also narrated the meaning of combinative narration of Sengqie monk, Wanhi and Baozhi.
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