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Title: 論蘇軾《易》與王弼《易》、伊川《易》之異同
Other Titles: A Comparative Study on Su Shi’s, Wang Bi’s and Cheng Yi’s Commentaries on the Yijing
Authors: 楊自平
Yang, Tzu-ping
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 學界對蘇軾《易》已有相當多的研究,然對蘇軾《易》與王弼《易》、伊川《易》作深入比較者較少。故分別從論《易》的定位及卦爻關係、論象數、論卦變與卦主、義理釋《易》四方面,比較三子說法之異同,藉以彰顯蘇軾《易》學的特色,又可為《易》學史明確指出三子《易》學鮮明的差異。蘇軾在卦、爻辭關係及《易》數議題有其獨特見解,對卦變的論法與伊川相同,且亦重視卦主,義理立場近於老莊。既承繼王弼《易》學,又有所開展,雖與伊川皆重視人事之理,但明顯異於伊川鮮明的儒學色彩。無論在卦、爻辭的解釋或《易》學哲學都有其獨特處。
Although there are lots of studies on Su Shi’s Yijing, only few of them focus on comparing Su Shi’s, Wang Bi’s and Cheng Yi’s Yijing. This essay will focus on the orientation of Yijing and the relationship between Yao(爻)and Gua(卦), the image-number system, hexagram alternation and Gua zhu, interpretation of the Yijing based on the reasons respectively. With this in mind, the essay will compare Su’s, Wang’s and Cheng’s studies, and carry out the characteristics of Su’s Yijing Learning, which contributes to the history of Yijing Learning. Su’s insight consists in his unique interpretations of the relationship between Yao and Gua and the number system. Su’s opinion on hexagram alternation is the same as Cheng Yi’s, they attach great importance to Gua zhu. However, Su’s position about reasons is similar to Laozi(老子)and Zhuang Zhou(莊周). Although Su inherits Wang Bi’s Yijing Learning, he develops his own way of interpretation. Su and Cheng Yi both accentuate the importance of using the principles of human affairs in interpreting the Yijing. However, Cheng’s interpretation carries his own distinct Confucian characteristic. We could conclude that Su’s interpretation of Gua and Yao or his philosophy of Yijing Learning has a system of his own.
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