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Titel: 從召公形象看〈甘棠〉詩本事
Sonstige Titel: Analysis on the Original Story of Kan Tang Poem from the Image of Shao Kung
Autoren: 王柔方
Wang, Jou-fang
Erscheinungsdatum: Sep-2017
Herausgeber: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: 從傳統文獻和近代出土文物的記載中,探索召公形象,可知召公奭是周初著名政治家、軍事家,在周初的政壇上,發揮巨大影響力。在軍事上,召公與周公共同協助武王滅商,又平定三監之亂,鞏固政權。南征淮夷,巡視江漢,經營南國。在政治上,召公與周公分陜而治,又負責營建東都雒邑,掌控東方局勢,並提出「敬德」、「殷鑒」等思想,勤修文王之德,敬天保民,亦重視民風教化。召公在文治武功的貢獻非凡,深受民眾讚揚與懷念。理解上述召公具體形象後,進一步探究「甘棠遺愛」原委,筆者梳理自《左傳》、《孔子詩論》直到漢代《詩傳》對〈甘棠〉本事的傳承,以明瞭百姓賦〈甘棠〉詩,敬其人而愛其樹之「回報」主題,以求正確理解〈甘棠〉詩本義。
Dynasty with great influence on the political stage at that time. In the aspect of military, Shao Kung along with Zhou Gong conspire against King Wu of Zhou and crushed the rebellion of the Three Guards for the consolidation of the regime. Moreover, he conquered Huaiyi in the south and supervised Chianghan, managing the south area of Chou Dynasty. In Politics, Shao Kung and Zhou Gong governed different divisions, while he was also in charge of constructing the capital Loyi in east which strengthened the power in the east. With the thoughts of respecting the morality and learning lessons from the history, he advocated kings to cultivate the morality of King Wen, respect the destiny and love the people, which emphasizing on the moralization of the people. Shao Kung made extraordinary contributions both in civil and military affairs, which made him praised and remembered by people. With the understanding of the above specific image of Shao Kung, this study makes further exploration on the original story of Kan Tang Yi Ai. Through sorting out the inheritance of the original story of Kan Tang in Tso Chuan, Confucius Theory on Poetry and Shih Chuan in Han Dynasty, it can be understood that people endowed Kan Tang poem with the theme of repays in which people admired the person thus admired the tree related to him. Based on the above, the original idea of Kang Tang can be correctly comprehended.
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