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Title: 高中學校經驗與青少年公民態度的關聯性
Other Titles: Examining the association between high school experiences and adolescents' civic attitude
Authors: 楊佩榮
Pei-Jung Yang
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 青少年公民態度的培養有助於國家社會發展和個人社會適應,本研究探究高中學校經驗和公民態度的關聯性,期能提供公民發展具體建議。學校經驗包含在學校的行爲、情感、認知學習經驗(行爲困難、情感歸屬、學習態度)、親近偏差同儕的程度、師生關係品質,和班級民主氛圍;公民態度包含公共事務、社會關懷、社會責任、時事關心態度。1,111位臺北、新北、臺中、臺南、高雄市的高二學生參與本研究之問卷調查,資料分析使用隨機效果單因子共變數分析,結果顯示在學校的情感歸屬和學習態度有助於公民態度四個面向的養成。本研究提出四點建議,建議從學校生活中(1)促進在學校的情感歸屬、(2)促進自我效能的角色體驗、(3)促進人際與班級的民主體驗,及(4)適時介入處理行爲困難,期能供青少年工作者參考,適當陶冶學校經驗,促進青少年公民態度的養成。
The development of civic attitude might foster social development and adaptation at the macro and micro levels. This paper investigated the association between high school experiences and civic attitude, hoping that the result might provide some implications for the civic development during adolescence. School experiences and civic attitude were collected using questionnaire. School experiences included behavioral difficulties, school belonging, learning attitude, student-teacher relationship, deviant peers, and democratic classroom climate. Civic attitude was examined in four dimensions including civic activity, social caring, social responsibility, and current affair. There were 1,111 11^(th) graders from Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung city participated in the study. Using one-way random effects analysis of covariance, the results showed that school belonging and learning attitude fostered civic attitude in all four dimensions. Four implications were recommended for adolescent civic development in school settings to professionals working with adolescents: Foster safety and belonging, foster self-efficacy, provide democratic experience, and timely behavioral intervention.
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