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Title: 父母理財教導對國中生理財素養與理財行為關係之研究
Other Titles: Influence of Parental Financial Teaching on Financial Literacy and Financial Behaviors of Junior High School Students
Authors: 曾永清
Yung-Ching Tseng
Chiu-Ping Lu
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 家庭是大多數孩子理財知識的來源,家庭對於理財素養和行為的影響已引起大家的興趣。本研究的目的在於評估父母理財教導對他們的孩子的理財素養和行為的影響。本研究利用設計的問卷,由新北市19所國氏中學取得學生樣本。研究發現國中學生的理財素養在「消費與信用」觀察變項表現最佳;理財行為在「信用與借貸」觀察變項表現最佳。國中學生父親學歷越高、閱讀財經訊息頻率越頻繁、與家人討論財經問題越頻繁,其理財素養與理財行為表現越好。本研究SEM估計發現,父母理財教導會直接與顯著地影響到其孩子的理財素養(因素負荷為31),同時亦直接與間接地影響到其孩子的理財行為(因素負荷為28與21)。此外,理財素養對理財行為具有部分的中介效果。
The family is the source of most of a child's financial knowledge, there has been a growing interest among educators and families in improving financial literacy and behaviors. The purpose of this research is to assess the parental influence on the financial literacy and behaviors of their children. This research was conducted through the designed questionnaires, which were sent to 19 middle-schools in New Taipei City. The findings of the research showed that students displayed good sense on "consumption and credit" of financial literacy and on "credit and debt" of financial behavior. The variables such as parent academic background, frequency of discussing financial issues with parent and reading financial information from home, have significant difference in students' financial literacy and behaviors. The SEM results indicated that perceived parental teaching had a direct significant influence on financial literacy (loading estimate= .31), and had a direct and indirect significant influence on financial behavior (loading estimate= .28 and .21). Finally, financial literacy had partially mediated effects on financial behaviors.
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