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Title: 公民素養融入大學專業課程之研究-中部某大學兩門課程的比較分析
Other Titles: A comparative study on strategies for infusing civic literacy into university professional courses: Two examples from a university in central Taiwan
Authors: 徐敏雄
Min-Hsiung Hsu
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 為具體瞭解公民素養融入大學專業課程的施行狀況,本研究乃以100學年第二學期「歷代文選及習作(下)」(中文系)及「生態旅遊」(觀光系)實施融入式課程的經驗為研究對象,針對兩門課程之教師授課大綱,教師、助教與學生參與經驗之非結構訪談,以及兩位教師於期末成果發表會中的經驗分享錄影記錄,進行資料蒐集。之後,再依循紮根理論的開放式編碼、主軸式編碼以及選擇式編碼之分析歷程,分析出不同學科知識所採行之融入式課程設計策略,以釐清不同學科知識與課程設計所能採行之融入策略、實際融入之公民素養種類,及其可能遭逢的困境為何,以做為未來各大學專業課程推動公民教育之重要參考。
In order to investigating the possible operation models for teachers to infuse civic literacy into university professional curriculum, this study take example of the curricula- "Selected Readings in Literary Works with Writing Practice II" from Chinese Literature Department, and "Ecotourism" from Tourism Department, to make analysis on operations of infusing curriculum design. Through the analysis on the syllabuses of the two curriculums, non-structural interview with the teachers, teaching assistants and students, as well as the experience sharing videotaping records from the two teachers in the result publication at the end of semester, I try to put the pieces together for the features on the curriculum and teaching design in the two profession curriculums with infusing civic literacy. Finally, according to the analytical journey on the opening code, principal axis code as well as selective code of Grounded Theory, I also sum up the research results as important reference for promoting civic education in the various universities in the future.
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