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Title: 體驗式學習融入高中野外求生課程設計之成效研究
Other Titles: Effects of Experiential Learning Based Wilderness Survival Courses on Senior High School Students
Authors: 鄧丹莉
Tan-Li Tan
Chung-Chi Wu
Issue Date: Jan-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在設計一套體驗式學習融入並「以效益為導向」的高中野外求生課程,並於實施後分析課程對學生的成效(知識學習、生活效能及團隊凝聚力)。為達上述研究目的,本研究採「不等組前側-後側」準實驗設計,以屏東市某高中學生,共285人為研究對象,分實驗組161人,對照組124人,以野外求生學習評量卷、生活效能量表及團隊凝聚力量表為研究工具,採用SPSS 17.0 for Windows 套裝統計軟體,進行相依樣本t 檢定、單因子共變數分析與效果值等分析以考驗研究假設。根據結果,發現如下:一、體驗式學習融入野外求生課程對高中學生的知識學習成效有顯著效果;二、體驗式學習融入野外求生課程對高中學生的生活技能6個面向的能力,有顯著增長;三、體驗式學習融入野外求生課程對高中學生的團隊凝聚力有顯著性增長。最後,研究者歸納結論,並提出課程設計及未來研究建議,作為後續研究者之參考。
The purpose of this study was to construct a set of experiential learning based wilderness survival courses and to evaluate the effects of learning performance, life- effectiveness and group cohesion. The quasi-experimental design and the nonequivalent group pretest-posttest were used. Participants were 285 students from one senior high school in Pingtung county, including: experimental group participating in the wilderness survival courses (n=161) and control group without participating the experimental programs (n=124). The learning performance questionnaires as well as scales of "Life-effectiveness" and "group cohesion" were used to pre and post-test the effects. Data analysis was conducted by SPSS 17.0 for Windows by the methods of paired t-test, One-way ANCOVA and effect size. According to the results, it is found that: 1) the experimental group had more significantly positive improvement on the learning performance than the control group; 2) the experimental group received more significantly positive improvement on the life-effectiveness than the control group; 3) the experimental group received more significantly positive improvement on the group cohesion than the control group. In the end, according to research findings, the researchers also gave suggestions for future research and course design.
Other Identifiers: 091AF234-124A-074F-3194-6A054306FB16
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