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Title: 運用學校本位經營機制推動教學創新之探討
Other Titles: Generating Instructional Innovations through School-Based Management
Authors: 林生傳
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 學校本位經營此一改革措施,乃是將與學校經營有關的決策權力下放給教師、家長和其他學校層級人士,期能透過行政系統的改造革新來進一步導引出教學系統的創新精進。所以,學校本位經營如果能精心設計善予運用,進而在教學上發揮積極正向的功能,則將是我國教學創新努力的契機。在我國大力推動學校本位教育改革之初始階段,本研究旨在探討如何利用學校本位經營的機制嘗試創新教學,以提高教育品質。為達成上述目的,本研究採取文獻分析、問卷調查、座談會商等研究方法。研究結果顯示:利用學校本位經營推動創新教學具有相當可能性,學校本位經營在原本單純的權力下放設計之外,如果納入情勢分析願景塑造、參與結構、人力再造、激勵導引、評鑑監控等運作策略可提供學校推動創新教學的利基礎。在此有利基礎下,搭配妥善的配套措施,學校可嘗試發展各種學校本位的教學創新方案。
School-based management (SBM) as a schooling reform involves delegating some control over budgets, personnel, and instructional program to teachers, parents, and other stakeholders at school level. In the best case, SBM that requests school members fulfill accountability to enhance student performance.Particularly when teachers are empowered to take instructional innovations,SBM is a potential for improving educational practice. Accordingly, SBM may become a key component of recent efforts to reform our educational system.Therefore, this study attempts to explore generating instructional innovations through SBM. The results show that SBM mechanisms are effective for generating instructional innovations. The SBM mechanisms which promote innovative instruction programs should make some necessary conditions in schools. The conditions include: 1. situation analysis for desining innovative instruction programs; 2. shared vision for communicating opinion; 3. power for participating in decision-making ; 4. school-based professional development for empowering teachers; 5. facilitation for encouraging instructional innovations; 6. accountability for monitoring and directing teaching behavior.
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