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Title: 從學校教師會功能與小學教師專業認同的關聯性省思教師組織的屬性
Other Titles: Examining the Nature of Teacher Associations: The Interaction between Function and Professional Identity
Authors: 姜添輝
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 教育社會學界對教師組織功能仍存在高度的爭論,結構功能主義學者將之定位於專業與功能的範疇,批判論者則主張應採取工會主義的路線。這些論點卻忽視教師專業認同的影響,為檢證此種關聯性,本研究對教育官員、校長、教師會幹部與小學教師進行共32次訪談。研究發現顯示,保護完好的工作條件與環境塑造出明確的專業認同,此種心理形成明顯的教學關注取向以及自我約束的價值觀,因而對集體性教師會活動產生冷漠感。內在認同也轉化成教師對外互動的內在管理機制,由於專業認同衍生去政治化的意識型態,致使大部分受訪者期望學校教師會能與政治勢力劃清界線,以維護自身中立與客觀的專業形象,並使大部分教師排拒直接性的工會行動。
For sociologists, the purposes of teacher associations have been variously described as playing a key part in sustaining teachers' claims to professional status and facilitating their proletarian interests. However, the influence of teacher professional identity on the operation of teacher associations tends to be ignored. Data collection for this study was conducted by completing thirty-two interviews of educational officials and teacher association officials, head teachers, and teachers in Taiwan. The findings show that Taiwanese teachers occupied a superior location within the division of labour where society tends to bestow upon them a great degree of physical and psychic reward, creating a context in which a strong sense of professional identity develops. This identity acts as an inner mechanism to regulate its owners' recognition of their roles and their relationship with others. It manifested itself among our informants as professional commitment to their own teaching and self-discipline in conforming to an ethical code. An ideology of depoliticisation led teacher to expect the educational system and their professional associations to keep a distance from political forces and parties in order to maintain their neutrality and objectivity. They showed little enthusiasm for collective movement and less for union action.
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