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Title: 國小男女學童知覺父母對其教育關注與期望調查
Other Titles: A Survey of Perceived Parental Educational Concern and Expectation in Boys and Girls of Elementary School Students
Authors: 張怡貞
Issue Date: Jul-1998
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究從父母生育子女及父母對子女的教育關注和期望,比較父母對於子女的性別偏好或價值觀如何?父母對於子女教育的實際作為又如何?研究以分層隨機叢集取樣方式,抽取台北市20所國民小學,1167名六年級學童為樣本。研究發現,在家庭計畫的推展下雖已有效的降低子女數,但在父母僅生育一個小孩的家庭中,男孩的比例則顯著超過女孩,男女孩一樣好的觀念似乎還尚未成功,這在子女數日漸減少的社會趨勢下,是個值得注意的現象。在父母對男孩女孩的成績、學歷期望上,呈現一視同仁,並無顯著性別差別待遇或歧視;但在實際的作為上,父母對男孩的教育指導關注,卻顯著的甚於女孩。這是否隱念著傳統以來的重男輕女價值觀逐漸改善,但仍存在某種程度地影響父母,而表現在實際作為中。
The main purpose of this study was to examine if there is sex favoritism toward boys over girls for parents and if there is any difference between boys and girls in parental educational concern and expectation toward them. Subjects were 1167 sixth-graders, (boys, n=584;girls, n=583) randomly selected from 20 schools in Taipei City, using stratified cluster random sampling. The results were found as follows: Although the numbers of children in families has been successfully decreased by the Family Planning Program, there were more boys than girls when parents had only one child. For boys and girls, parents had similar educational expectation toward them. However, parents paid more educational concern to boys than girls. These findings may suggest the tradition of parents preferring boys to girls still exists in the current society.
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