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Title: 一元中的多元
Other Titles: Diversity within Uniformity: The Dynamics of Government Control and Program Diversity in Teacher Education Curriculum in Taiwan
Authors: 王秀愧
Hsiou-Huai Wang
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 各國的師資培育政策大都由兩股勢力,包括政府的一元化管制與市場多元化 機制的牽哥I; 但是,這兩股勢力如何影響師資培育課程的制定,仍有待探討。本文藉由分析我國中等師資培育學程的教育專業課程來探討,在這兩股力量的影響下,教育專業課程的結構與內涵究竟呈現何種樣貌。研究蒐集國內41 所中等教育學程的教育專業課程資料,針對課程結構、開課類型與領域內涵,進行分析、對照與比較。研究結果顯示,我國師資培育課程在一元化的政策架構下,僅享有有限的多元空間。本文進一步就造成此一現象背後的師資培育政策脈絡與沿革,進行說明與探討。
The intertwining forces of government-controlled uniformity and program-based diversification have influenced teacher education policies internationally. It is not clear, however, to what extent teacher education curriculum is subject to such dynamics. This paper intends to fill the gap by analyzing the curriculum of secondary teacher education programs in Taiwan, a society that has experienced a swing back and forth between the two forces on teacher education policies over the past six decades. Data on education/ pedagogy courses of 41 secondary education programs were collected, compared and analyzed. The results show that the teacher education curriculum in Taiwan enjoys a limited degree of diversity within a uniform structure. Discussions on the contexts of teacher education policies in Taiwan and their effect on the quality of teachers are provided.
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