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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this paper is to analyze the meaning of state hegemony and its relationship with political socialization. Social control usually takes two basic forms: the first is influencing behavior externally through rewards and punishment, the second is affecting people internally by means of molding personal convictions into a replica of prevailing norms. Hegemony is the second kind of social control. Its function is to transform the political ideology of those whom are being governed. In all aspects of ideological state apparatuses, school is the most important. The dominant group usually conditions people by educating them through schooling to accept the culture of hegemony and to share similar world-views and life-styles with the dominant class. Dominant ideology thus acquires its legitimacy through curriculum and instruction which, elaborately designed by state government and intellectuals, enables the dominant social group to exercise their power. Such process occurring within a school is the so-called political socialization.It has been a quite long time since the Taiwan government has dominated common education to practice the purpose of political socialization. However, in following the current social change of the recent 20 years, a new subject titled “Getting to Know Taiwan” was initiated in junior high schools. The main ideology of this new subject is rising up from Taiwan localism. Its purpose is wholly different from those traditional curriculums. After analyzing its ideology and policy background, the author presents three main characteristics of this new subject as follows: being an instrument of political socialization, being a product of dominant ideology, and focusing to construct a new culture of hegemony. At the conclusion of this paper, four suggestions are proposed to revise curriculum outline and textbook content in the future.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment od Education, NTNUen_US
dc.subject.otherState hegemonyen_US
dc.subject.otherPolitical socializationen_US
dc.subject.otherIdeological state apparatusen_US
dc.subject.otherGetting to Know Taiwanen_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Analysis of State Hegemony and Political Socialization--Exemplified byzh_tw
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