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Title: 商業技職人力僱用條件需求分析
Other Titles: An Analysis of the Conditions of Employment for Technological and Vocational School Graduates Majoring in Commercial Subjects
Authors: 周春美
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在從僱用條件需求的觀點,探討技職教育體系培育商業人力的發展方向。為達此目的,首先利用內容分析法,分析104人力銀行求才資料庫,瞭解商業聘用新進員工的僱用條件需求;其次透過深度訪談法,針對國際貿易業、金融業、餐飲服務業以及批發零售業等四種業別,人力資源主管或用人單位主管進行訪談,以瞭解用人單位對於應徵者應具備的能力內涵。研究結果發現,事業單位對應徵者應具備的就業能力項目方面,以基本技能、資訊應用、個人管理技能以及團體工作能力為主;同時發現專科學歷是商業類人力市場的最愛;雇主聘用專科以上學歷的應徵者時,係以畢業科系、證照與經歷等三項,作為甄選人力的主要甄選限制。
Based on the present employment situation, this study discusses how technological and vocational schools should educate their students who major in commercial subjects. First, a content analysis of 104 Job Banks was used to understand the requirements of employers in the commercial field. Second, depth interviews were conducted to know what kinds of job applicants were preferred by personnel managers from the food and beverage industry, international trade industry, financial industry, and wholesale and retail industry. It was found that the employers in commercial industries laid great stress on the following competencies: basic skills, skill in applying information, individual management skill, and capacity for teamwork. In addition, junior college graduates are now especially welcome in commercial industries. When hiring employees with higher degrees, employers mainly take the major field, certification, and experience into account.
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