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Title: 國民中小學九年一貫課程綱要該增訂課程內容要素嗎?
Other Titles: Is it Necessary for the Elements of Curriculum Content to be Included in the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines?
Authors: 黃嘉雄
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣《國民中小學九年一貫課程綱要》與先前的國民中小學課程標準相比,在課程文件形式上有一重大變革,亦即以學習領域分段能力指標取代原先學科課程標準中的年段或年級教材大綱。本文分從回顧九年一貫課程改革發展的歷史背景脈絡、探討以分段能力指標取代教材大綱之利弊,以及分析一項2006年底的大規模調查結果等三個角度對此種變革加以探究,根據探究結果,本文提出九年一貫課程各學習領域綱要應再增訂基本課程內容要素之結論並提出一些相關建議。
Compared to the former official curriculum standard for elementary schools and junior high schools, the new Taiwan Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guideline includes an im-portant change regarding the form of the curriculum document. That is, the teaching material guidelines for each grade (or for every two grades) in each subject are now replaced by competence indicators of key stage for each two or three grades, in each study field. Here the author investigates the meaning of this change by three dimen-sions: reviewing the historical context of the grade 1-9 curriculum reform, examining the advantages and disadvantages of the new form of the curriculum document, and analyzing the results of a large scale survey done at the end of 2006. Based on these three points, the author concludes that it is necessary to include the essential elements of the curriculum contents in the Grade 1-9 Curriculum Guidelines for each study field. In addition, the author gives some suggestions regarding how to do this.
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