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Title: 學校組織中集體協商運作之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Collective Bargaining in School Organizations: The Example of Junior High Schools in Six Counties and Cities in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 黃乃熒
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解提升國民中學集體協商的機制。鼓勵集體協商運作乃是教育改革的方向,其理想的目標,包括落實學校本位管里、維護利害關係人權益及促進學校目標的達成。但是在集體協商運作的過程中,會出現協商地位不對等、協商意見不易整合、無法進行理性協商、予人爭權奪利的印象及協商知能不足的困境,進而影響集體協商運作的成效。因此有必要對於解決集體協商困境的策略集行探討。為了達到本研究的目的,本研究採用調查研究法來蒐集資料,並運用分層比例叢集抽樣及立意取樣,在北部六縣市抽取40所國民中學,並發出867份問卷,有效回收問卷為587份,有效回收率為67.7%。然後以有效問卷進行統計考驗,並透過分析與討論,據以提?結論及建議。
This study is to understand the mechanisms that facilitate the efficacy of collective bargaining in junior high schools. Promoting collective bargaining has been the trend in recent educational reforms in Taiwan. It is hoped that the implementation of school-based management, the protection of stakeholders' rights, and the achievement of school goals will be realized accordingly. The processes of collective bargaining, however, can easily produce such difficulties among stakeholders as unequalizing status, creating divergent opinions, stimulating irrational negotiations, causing power struggles, and bringing about deficits in negotiation knowledge, all of which lead to a lower quality of collective bargaining. With its focus on this problem. this study tries to devise strategies that can resolve the inherent difficulties incollective bargaining. It adopts an investigative approach to collect the data,administering 867 questionnaires from 40 junior high schools in six countiesand cities in northern Taiwan by stratified proportional cluster sampling and purposive sampling. In total, 587 effective questionnaires comprise the basis ofthe statistical test, for an effective questionnaire ratio of 67.7%. Along withthe statistical analysis, this study provides school members with some valuable conclusions and suggestions.
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