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Title: 大學與學校協作下學校發展主任的理念、策略與角色
Other Titles: The Concept, Strategy and Role of School Development Officers in University-School Partnership: A Case Study of Hong Kong Quality School Improvement Project
Authors: 梁歆
Xin Liang
Hin-Wah Wong
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要報告了一個長期持續研究的初步和部分的發現,即優質學校改進計劃的學校發展主任在協助學校整體改革中所發揮的作用。報告主要聚焦在以下兩點:(1)SDO是如何幫助並促進學校改進的,換句話說,SDO都採用哪些策略促使學校改進,以及SDO對這些策略的看法;(2)SDO在學校改進過程中扮演著怎樣的角色。本研究的資料收集方法包括訪談和文件搜集。研究發現,學校發展主任秉持優質學校改進計劃所倡導理念進行學校改進的工作。在夥伴合作的過程中,學校發展主任主要採用五種策略促進學校改進,他們主要扮演著促進者和諍友的角色。
The paper reports on the preliminary results of an ongoing long-term study of the role of School Development Officers(SDOs) in the Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) of Hong Kong. The study focuses on two points:(1) How SDOs assist and enhance schools' efforts at reform--that is, what kinds of strategies SDOs use and what SDOs think about these strategies. (2) What are the roles SDOs play in the process of school improvement. The data were colleceted from interviews with SDOs and minutes of regular meetings. The following are some of the key fingdings of the study. Sticking to the core values of QSIP, SDOs make great efforts in assisting schools to improve. During the process, SDOs employ five strategies to facilitate school improvement, and they act as facilitatiors and critical friends.
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